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  • Kind Words

    Artful Dreamers Studio – Nadine Hamil – Expressive Arts Facilitator 

    I love the fact that I feel free here at your studio! I love love love it  Thank you!!! C.G.

     Nadine Hamil – Intuitive painting and expressive arts facilitator and owner of Artful Dreamers During my dad’s cancer journey, the angels came to me again, this time in the form of Nadine. Stumbling into her studio was like injecting fresh, pure CO2 into my weary and grief-stricken soul. Nadine guided me through several art therapy classes and she so kindly gave me access to her art materials for several weeks so I could make collages for my family as part my grieving process. Those few months with Nadine in Florida have set me on a trajectory of studying art and ensuring that creative expression is a norm in my life.” K. Guidi

     Thanks for a great time! I really enjoyed the workshop. The group energy was very supportive and the environment relaxing – perfect! Petra 

    This is my 3rd inspiring experience at Artful Dreamers. Thankful for Nadine and the loving atmosphere she creates and shares with the world. My cup is always filled up with creativity, self acceptance, new ideas and fun. On top of how joyful I feel inside I walk out with a lovely piece of art. A great way to get your “art” on and meet other amazing people. Sarah

    What a wonderful surprise I had taking Nadine’s Intuitive Painting classes- the space is safe and creative and Nadine is a compassionate, experienced, and spot-on guide whether you’re new to intuitive painting or expanding your creativity. Fun, insightful, and always something new to discover through the process! A.Y.

    Nadine is the ultimate Goddess of Expressive Arts and profound playtime!! 🙂 gg

    PenMet February Camp

    Thanks so much.  The girls loved every day of camp!  Well, technically I haven’t picked them up and talked to them today, haha, but you know what I mean. S.F. Gig Harbor

    Heart Mandala and Love Note

    I’ve attended two events here and have come away emotionally enriched both times. Being with other women is exactly what I needed! I brought back more than art. I brought back a piece of everyone there! Thank you, Nadine, for your loving guidance as we all learn that we are enough. Peace. B Kleine

    Intuitive Painting Class

    I had an amazing time tonight at my intuitive painting class, despite my neck and back pain. It was very reminiscent of my prophetic painting days. It felt amazing to just let the picture flow out of me, completely flawless and exactly as it is meant to be despite what my inner critic may try to say about it. My painting journey brought up feelings of sadness, chaos, loneliness and eventually peace and fulfillment. Thank you for this chance to paint again Nadine! M.C.

    Intuitive Painting is a unique experience. The subconscious flows and the practice of letting go transpires even when resistance shows up.
    Art created, like mine, often doesn’t make sense, but that isn’t crucial. What’s crucial is what shifted inside and how one feels afterward. This is a process.
    Nadine Hamil – founder of Artful Dreamers Studio – says colors are therapy and the objects that come forth are part of expressive acknowledgement. Experiencing her intuitive painting classes is worth it as well as her other ones.
    I believe art is healing and therapeutic. Peeling back the layers, exploring, and trusting each moment in whatever medium chosen, changes you. A. G

    .Intuitive Painting :So much fun tonight!! I really felt so comfortable with all you strangers!! You made me feel so welcome and ok to be myself!! Thank you, I enjoyed being with each of you!!! LB 1/2017

    Connecting & Meaningful. It was fun just to play & be a kid again with my sis. JB 1/207

    Buddha Painting Class

    Thank you so much for the cool art class. I enjoyed it very much and can’t wait for the next one! I’m wanting to to go to Michael’s today and buy some canvas and more acrylic paints to try another one ! K.G.

    Magical Intuitive Painting Weekend

    I attended the Intuitive Painting workshop with Nadine and other kindred spirits. It was a weekend of releasing and liberating my creativity. Very grateful! Ann

    The Intuitive Painting weekend with Nadine at Artful Dreamer was one of the greatest investments into my creative self yet! The experience was exciting, emotional, welcoming, exhausting, full of love, and releasing. I learned to “trust the brush” but most of all, how to listen to myself. Sandy

    I feel so lucky to find Artful Dreamers & Nadine, her classes bring me joy & bring out my light! J.S.

    I had a wonderful time playing with colors that I don’t usually use, exploring my inner feelings as I moved with the paint, and met new artists. If you get a chance to take a class or workshop from Nadine, do it! Thank you, Nadine for leading us through this experience. Cynthia


    Collage was fun and inspiring. I appreciated the time and space to allow what was below the surface in me to come up and out onto a canvass in color, shapes and images. I loved the process that Nadine took us through to bring us into the moment as she created an atmosphere of meaning and depth along with playful art. I am very grateful I took the time to do this for myself! I’ll be back. Tracy

    Creative Art Camp (PenMet Parks GIG Harbor)

    My grandkids attended the creative arts summer camp -and loved it! They were proud of what they created, and they were obviously  appropriately encouraged and guided by Nadine.  Interestingly, my grandson is a 12 year-old “jock” and my granddaughter is a 9 year-old ballerina (also a great slow pitch pitcher in Little League here in Gig Harbor). Point is: Nadine”s class has wide appeal!  Glenna

    My children attended a week long camp by Nadine, through PenMet Parks, and loved it! I love that you incorporate self-love and confidence to the children. They brought home so many great projects! The weaving was a big hit, they came home and started weaving more projects immediately! C.

    Thank you for your wonderful Art Camp. My kids love it so much! We are definitely interested in future art camps that you will offer through PenMet.
    Every day after I pick them up, I ask them how they like the camp, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear my son say “I don’t like it, I love it!”  I was surprised because my daughter is the one who typically enjoys doing art. In fact, during art times in second grade, my son sometimes told me he doesn’t like art because he felt that he was “horrible at art”.  I have kept encouraging him, and would sign both of them up for some painting sessions in the past. We work with him as much as we can at home, to try to let him know that no one is horrible at art. Thanks to your camp, he has a renewed confidence and love for art.
    I am a firm believer in your philosophy that there should be no mistakes in art, and that it should be fun. I think it is integral to one’s overall development.
    Thank you, M
    Nadine’s ART
    I purchased a beautiful piece of art from Nadine. Buddha painted in a rustic drawer. I loved it the moment I saw it, but I didn’t realize how this piece would move me everyday once I had it in my home. Totally unexpected. This custom piece of art beautifully changed my space for the better! I hung it in my living room and I can see it from almost every angle of my kitchen, living and dining room. Each time I see it, Its like seeing Mount Rainier for the first time, it takes my breath away and I gasp… “what a beautiful addition to our home”. Its like a living piece of art that speaks to my humanity and brings out what is good in me and my family. The colors are vibrant and pull you in immediately and hold onto you with warmth and spiritual goodness. WOW! I am so grateful for this piece and my purchase. THANK you Nadine for sharing your gift and love of Art. I hope to have many of your originals in my home and work space! Theresa H.
    LET YOUR LITTLE GIRL Out to PLAY: What a great afternoon and so much fun !
    littlegirlouttoplayI loved it and enjoyed creating so many beautiful things! Thank you Nadine for your inspiration and love and amazing gift of sharing your love and creative spirit! Looking forward to your next workshop! I miss ur presence in So FL and grateful for your visits and Skype. K Jensen 3/2016

    LOVE NOTE: Experienced a wonderfully cathartic creative process last night, courtesy of Nadine Hamil – a Love Note workshop.

    When was the last time you wrote a love note to yourself (if ever?). We wrote them, and then we painted over them, leaving the self-love and kindness to shine through. Just what I needed! N. Saylor 3/2016

    *If you haven’t taken one of Nadine’s classes, you must! I attended the Spiritual Dolls workshop in Delray Beach, FL January 16. It was truly a day to remember and exceeded my expectations. The energy was incredibly positive. Nadine came prepared with a loving, kind and gentle heart and so many creative items to make our “dolls” with. She had stations organized with everything you could want to create your art with…..and more! I’m not going to give away any more than this but I encourage you to sign up if there is a workshop anywhere near you!  L.L. 1/2016

    *I have had the opportunity to participate in a series of workshops w/ Artful Dreamers travelingStudio. The presentation and the variety of supplies were superbly incredible.  I felt supported and encouraged to find creativity within myself. I look forward to more Art opportunities with  Nadine. F.A. 1/2016

    *I love Nadine’s workshops, they are actually my favorite playshops. At all times Nadine reminds us that we are ‘at choice’.



    And she creates a space where ALL our creations are appreciated unconditionally.
    Not only is she totally organized and supportive but also extremely generous  providing a multitude of materials.
    A great value! E.R. 1/2016

    *Nadine is pure Love. I have known her for over 10 years. She helped me believe in my Creative Intuitive Artistic side and since I began creating ART with Her I have grown tremendously both as a person and a believer in what is possible. Thank you Nadine for getting me out of my comfort zone and bringing sheer Joy Light Sparkles and Giggles my way. Looking forward to our next creative adventure together! KD 1/2016

    *I had a wonderful experience at Artful Dreamers! Comfortable, inviting, bright yet soothing studio where I instantly felt a flow of creativity! Nadine made me feel so welcomed. She has a very warm and inviting energy. I can’t wait to attend another class!!!! Sara 10/2015

    *A note from an Intuitive Painter in Tacoma
    “Thank you for what you do and your loving kindness.” K 10/2015

    * I had the pleasure of attending a gathering at Artful Dreamers Studio. Nadine was a great teacher and hostess to our group. Everyone made collage candles. The materials were well organized and the variety met everyones needs. The studio is family friendly and easy to find. I would recommend her for a group outing or to take one of her classes. A great addition to the Tacoma art community. Sally B. (Tacoma 7/2015)

    * Nadine is generous with her time, energies, support, and materials. My kids really liked working with her and our Girl Scout troop had a great time!  Tamiko N. (Tacoma 7/2015)

    * I attended one of Nadine’s Intuitive Painting workshops and found it to be transformational. She is an excellent teacher and facilitator of both group & individual processes. I haven’t ever painted before, but Nadine encouraged me to give it a whirl. I am so glad I did. It was fun and healing. I look forward to signing up again. Marilyn B (Tacoma 6/2015)

    * Nadine is both gifted teacher and profoundly creative. Combined, her classes offer a space in which I feel welcomed, comfortable, and at home. I wouldn’t call myself an “artist,” but Nadine would disagree – encouraging me to honor the process, the experience, the truth in what comes forth.
    I cannot recommend her classes (or her lovely studio) enough. Come. Participate. Enjoy. And know that you are exactly where you belong…  (Tacoma 5/2015)

    * Nadine is a strong, gentle and compassionate leader and intuitive painting facilitator. Her kind and nurturing heart comes through in all of the loving details she puts into transforming her studio into a safe, sacred space. She is an unwavering advocate for freedom of expression and you can count on her to help you connect with your own deep Creative Wisdom.

    Jennifer Lee
    Artizen Coaching

    Paint Your Spirit Magical Retreat comments:

    It was so wonderful! Thank you Nadine for another magical sunday art day and thank you goddesses for nurturing my soul!
    Thank you Nadine for an awesome day. It was an amazing experience. So honored to be able to play and be transformed in such a loving atmosphere. Just loved all the women the universe connected me with.

    I feel like a little kid…this is fun!

    I asked Artful Dreamer’s painters 5 words describing people’s experience @Artful Dreamers Studio:

    Nurturing, comforting, safe, loving, freedom!

    Creative, present, open, aware, grateful, blessed, wonderful, infinite, love, beautiful, empowering, source,endless…..

    LOVE, big-hearted, peaceful, COLOR-WASHED, angels, extraordinary, energy, ….

    friends, acceptance, safe, lovely, create, peace

    creativity, joy, play, imagination, inner work…

    open, calm. safe, free. peace 😉

    A place for me to restore my self – my spirit – my soul.A place I go for creative inspiration, encouragement, nurturance and expression.
    A place I love to be to uncover and explore some of the hidden parts of myself; parts of myself that desire the opportunity to be heard, felt, seen, expanded and expressed.
    A place for me to go to do exactly what the quote on my email signature has been saying for the last several years!


    “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs.    
    Ask yourself what makes you come alive……
    and then go do that.    Because what the world needs 
    is people who have come alive!”    — Howard Thurman

    I love Artful Dreamers the energy is amazing and it’s the place to be very creative and let it all out… Nadine is the greatest…

    Kimberly Moore
    I cannot say enough about my marvelous experience at Artful Dreamers and how incredible and patient Nadine is! I can’t wait to come back and bring friends and family!

    Sherri O 
    Artful Dreamers Studio is a place that welcomes you from the moment you enter this happy and soulful safe haven…and there is no one as kind and loving as Nadine Hamil…I encourage you to step inside…you will belong!


    Amy Maunder Dyer
    Rieke Kids was an AWESOME experience! My daughters Wynter (11) and Harmony (8) loved this class! They practice on plants, dogs, cats, horses and people! (Reiki Kids Class)

    David Abrams
    I went today to ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO for the first time (with much reservation and ZERO artistic ability) and had THE TIME OF MY LIFE! Highly recommend trying!!  And when you do, just let loose.
    (Wine & Paint)

    Anyone who’s looking to tap into their creativity would be well served by attending any of Nadine’s classes. Got a creative block? You won’t after stepping into the Artful Dreamers Studio.  Filled with color, inspiration, and all things playful, the studio radiates warmth, love, and a safe place to uncover your inner artist. No judgements, no ‘tsks, tsks’, no ‘you should haves’ here.  Instead, you will be totally supported and nurtured.  I’ve had the pleasure of attending intuitive painting, collage making, and altar-making classes — all were ridiculously fun and I created pieces I didn’t know I had in me to create.  Thank you Nadine for offering such a magical and enlightening space.  Hearts & spirals forever, 

    I have been experiencing and exploring intuitive painting with Nadine over the last two years at her Artful Dreamers Studio. My life has been and continues to be powerfully transformed by the process of intuitive painting. Nadine has been a supportive, nurturing, understanding and encouraging guide assisting me to uncover my self through creative expression and to learn how to truly listen to my intuition. When I first began painting my thoughts were so judge mental and fearful about what I painted, I sometimes could barely put the brush to paper. It was only with Nadine’s gentle encouragement and support that I was able to gradually let go of the feelings of fear and intimidation that I felt when attempting to express myself creatively with intuitive painting. These feelings were ruling my life and stifling me in so many ways, and I had no idea how to overcome the stranglehold they had on me. I am a marvelously changed woman! I have seen myself unfold in magical and mysterious ways that have occurred only because of Nadine’s kind and gentle approach and support which enabled me to trust her and the process of revealing my creatively alive self through intuitive painting. My life has blossomed with color and feelings of freedom to express my creativity with more boldness and confidence. I am a grateful intuitive painter, and I owe it all to Nadine and her passion to share this beautiful process with others.

    Joanna B.
    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nadine on several occasions – all delightful. In fact, this year when it came time to plan a place to have a party for my birthday, I chose her studio. It was a resounding success. She makes all her guests feel welcome, and special. She takes time with each person and always has unique and special goodies around! She is professional and FUN! She inspires me.



    Nadine is a very inspiring and intuitive teacher. If you are lucky enough to meet her you will see what I mean!
    Nadine and her studio offer a safe, non judgmental space for creativity. You leave all your ‘shoulds’,’ have tos’ and ‘buts’ at the door and let the fun begin.
    Nadine is a sensitive, talented artist and teacher – attuned to creating the environment, space and “allowing” for creativity to blossom.
    Nadine is a well of creativity & inspiration & she’s made it her mission to help others to find their own creativity & inspiration. She is truly a Goddess!
    Wine & Paint Class

    Thank you Nadine for providing such an awesome welcoming venue. I really could stay there and paint all day! You have such a sweet spirit and it resonates throughout your studio. My friends and I look forward to coming in again real soon. I had my masterpieces framed today. Pamela Harvard


     Feedback about the June Camp

    Thank you for the beautiful photos. Adin had a really good time. When I asked Adin  for feedback about the camp he said that he enjoyed it very much and is interested in having another camp. He especially liked the peace flags, the butterfly painting, and the painting on the paper that was taped onto the wall. He is looking forward to participating in more activities with Artful Dreamers. Thanks for doing what you do!
    Warmly,Noam Brown

     Please check out this blog post by Beverly :
    It makes my heart sing to know that simple words make a difference. Thank you Beverly

    Nadine is a well of creativity & inspiration & she’s made it her mission to help others to find their own creativity & inspiration. She is truly a Goddess!
    Nadine and her studio offer a safe, non judgmental space for creativity. You leave all your ‘shoulds’,’ have tos’ and ‘buts’ at the door and let the fun begin.
    Nadine is a sensitive, talented artist and teacher – attuned to creating the environment, space and “allowing” for creativity to blossom.


    The moment I opened the door to Artful Dreamers Studio I was transported to a time of wonder and possibility. Collages, paintings, crystals, found objects and other art materials adorned the walls and tables, beckoning the creative in me to come out and play. Nadine Hamil has created a welcoming and nurturing space to explore the primal urge to express what cannot be spoken. With her supportive and nonjudgmental  guidance, “artists” and “non-artists” alike are encouraged to leave the right-brained “critic” at the door, while allowing the intuitive, left brain, the freedom to express itself, unfettered by preconceived notions of what constitutes art. I encourage anyone of any age or perceived talent to give themselves the gift of a class with Nadine, it might just change your life, or, at the very least, provide an opportunity to reconnect with your inherent creativity.  Thank you, Nadine!

    Victoria Bea Cameron, MS, NCC, LPC

    I’m so happy I found Artful Dreamers! I own my own business and rarely find time for creative (and sometimes messy) pursuits. Nadine  creates just the right environment. In a few hours we have a fun group of people all looking to have a good time, all the paint, glitter and craft tools we need, a space we don’t have to clean afterwards and even yummy homemade brownies. The more I get to go to events at Artful Dreamers the more I realize it’s one of the best stress reduction tools I have now. It’s rapidly becoming one of my “positivity practices”.  JoAnna Brandi, author, speaker, entrepreneur

    I am finding that learning how to listen to my inner self and express it with color is surprisingly enriching. Painting in this way has changed me and my life profoundly beyond what I ever expected or imagined to be possible.  I have come to respect and appreciate the trans formative power of Intuitive Painting. I find it to be a beautifully therapeutic and healing technique with the added bonus of it encouraging creative expression… awakening the creative in me. Intuitive Painting has given me an outlet to express myself creatively that is soulful, enlivening and empowering.  I am tapping into a creativity inside of me that I never knew existed – a priceless gift!  Thank you Nadine and thank you Intuitive Painting. (Denise 2011)


    I’d like to tell you about my weekend of INTUITIVE PAINTING.  It had many rewards. Joy, freedom and laughter were prominent in my experience.  I was surprised at how quickly the time passed.  Being able to go deeper inside myself and at times looking at my shadow as well as my light brought profound benefits. Whenever I felt stuck, Nadine was there to guide me, to help me loosen the knots. It’s all about continuing the process, just continuing to paint.  It is really that simple.  I so look forward to the next weekend workshop and experiencing the wonder of both playfulness and sagacity–all in one process! (Mary)

    I so enjoyed my time in your studio today. You provide a beautiful space to allow one’s creative side to show itself and your gentle support is magical. I look forward to being in class again on Tuesday.

    (Hugs, Susan 8/6)

    Thank you for a wonderful painting session Saturday
    Intutive Painting, mirror,funky fish 3-11-11 016I’m always happy when I can introduce my friends to the amazing process and even more pleased when they are open to it and able to receive what they need. Thank you
    Nadine for being an amazing light! So blessed to know you.
    (Maria 3/26/11)

    Hi Nadine,
    It was amazing to walk into your
    Kids painting Amy-Max 004
    beautiful inspiring studio and see my little girl in an apron with a brush in her tiny hand deciding where she was putting the next brush stroke. WOW, I will always remember that, she really looked like a little artist.  (Simone 3/11/11)

    Dear Mona, Karin, Nadine & Teri,
    Came across these beautiful words & want to pass them along to you.They remind me of you & the time that I have spent with you.Thank you for the expansion that you bring to our world with love & with laughter.
    Loving you, Leslie
    The soul like the moon is new and always new again.
    And I have seen the ocean continuously creating.
    Since I scoured my mind & my body, I, too, Lalla,
    am new, each moment new.
    My teacher told me one thing, LIVE IN THE SOUL.
    When that was so, I began to go naked & dance.
    Lalla- 13th century Sufi  Contemporary of Rumi &Hafig

    Intuitive Painting Workshops

    Thank you Nadine for your energy, your light and your beauty… I love how the painting creates itself from within…my experience was awesome…such releasing and the moving through feelings and emotions with creativity was very powerful. I feel lighter today and it feels wonderful. love you, Mary (Jan.’11)

    Picture of workshop 003

    Nadine is a confident, dedicated and loving leader whose kindness shines through in all that she does. She creates an accepting space at Artful Dreamers Studio to explore creativity. I am grateful for her leadership. E.B.

    Nadine is a fabulous workshop leader. She is grounded, loving ,nurturing presence. She facilitates an environment at Artful Dreamers Studio where magic can happen. I thoroughly enjoyed it! K.F.

    Nadine helped us explore freedom in the context of intuitive painting. It’s the absence of rules,restrictions and judgments. Her compassion allows us to be free to paint from the heart at Artful Dreamers Studio.P.B.

    Picture 10 09 09 180

    Nadine is a bright spirit who brings joy and laughter to all that she does. She is a wonderful teacher, allowing me to dive into  my own personal experience at Artful Dreamers Studio. She stayed with me,encouraging me to go to new depths. I love Nadine. D.S.

    Nadine’s quiet nurturing manner allows you to take yourself to new exciting and profound places at Artful Dreamers Studio with intuitive painting. She encourages and celebrates freedom of expression in everyone. L.K.

    Picture 10 09 09 183

    Nadine is a strong, gentle and compassionate leader and intuitive painting facilitator. Her kind and nurturing heart comes through in all of the loving details she puts into transforming Artful Dreamers Studio into safe, sacred space. She is an unwavering advocate for freedom of expression and you can count on her to help you connect with your own deep Creative Wisdom.~~  J.L.

    I was more inspired than I thought I would be. It was easy to let go and let the brush talk at Artful Dreamers Studio. I felt lots of emotions emerge during the process. Nadine’s guidance and encouragement got me past resistance. I loved the class and a thought crossed my mind to invite friends to spend my birthday like that ! G.K.

    I had a truly wonderful experience painting. There was a darkness in my heart which I suppressed and it came out with Nadine’s encouragement. Painting and just letting the brush speak for me lightened me up. Nadine is an amazing guide. It has been a great day at Artful Dreamers Studio. H.G.

    This is a deeply profound process (emphasis on the word process) that takes you in and through major emotional gates. In two hours I traveled an emotional landscape I didn’t even know was there and brought it to resolution with Nadine’s support and skillful questions at Artful Dreamers Studio. V.S.

    Picture 10 09 09 193

    As an artist I am always open to creativity that allows us to get “out of our heads”  This playful day of painting sent me hurling back to those days of nursery school, when we were given COLORS and white blank paper…huge paper…and allowed to create…anything…there were no expectations…no rules and no concerns for the outcome.  Just amazing playful arm movement and allowing anything and all things to come through. As images climbed from my hand…simplistic and surprising at times…I relaxed into the flow of emotions that were elicited from the images, allowing the energies to be. Wow…I was face to face with myself…in many ways. Not thinking…just releasing.  Nadine’s facilitating at Artful Dreamers Studio was just the right amount…not too much and not many words…just the nudge and that’s all that is needed sometimes…way cool ! ~T.G.

    I felt very supported and encouraged from the moment I walked in the door. I loved the flow and unfolding of the process and your input along the way felt right. I love the freedom to make a mess and not do it perfectly. I love the safety I feel in Artful Dreamers Studio to be messy. I have felt too confined in my life to be neat and perfect~how fun to be encouraged to be messy and imperfect! Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you. ~ D. S.


    For me intuitive painting is all about surrendering. Once I got past wanting to control my work by painting a pretty picture or seeing meaning in what I was painting, a wonderful sense of freedom arose. This feeling of freedom along with the sense of play is so intoxicating and rare that it is something I want to experience again at Artful Dreamers Studio. I look forward to my next session with Nadine.~ M.F.


    I really enjoyed working in the Artful Dreamers Studio with beautiful colors and room to be creative and imaginative. Painting in this atmosphere was a perfect way to let go and clear my mind. It is fun to express myself in a different way and create. ~ H.C. 15 age:15


    It was fun letting my imagination run free and having so much paper to express myself on at Artful Dreamers Studio. ~ V.R.C. age:12



    Sea Shell Flower Pot Workshop

    Well set up – plenty of materials-instructions and help or advise as needed. Time set for class was perfect and work space plentiful. No pressure and Fun!  J.R.

    I love Nadine and the open feeling & friendliness the studio inspires. I liked that we were encouraged to bring our own stuff & there was so much already to choose from. I wish there had been little spatulas  or tongue depressors to spread the glue. Thanks for providing this space for us. B.

    The class was fun & relaxing yet stimulating. Took a moment to get started but when I got started…it was fun.
    -the selection of supplies were plentiful-more than I expected.
    -gems & shells & jewels..Oh MY!  C.F.

    Shell flower pot class.

    I enjoyed coming and meeting new people and being able to relaxed and  create stuff.There was no bad part. It was all fun and enjoyable.
    Cole (creative young middle schooler created with his mom)

    Heart Collage

    I enjoyed myself so much @ Artful Dreamers Studio that I just wanted to share my experience so I signed up for a “Heart Collage” class & brought 2 of  my friends. With the holidays behind us it was just what we needed. I loved being with my girlfriends, being creative, being clam, and most of all the peace that I allowed myself to feel during the meditation. This is not just an art class. Nadine is a unique individual,creative,sensitive and fun! I enjoyed myself very much and will definitely go back many times.
    P. S. We did not make HEARTS!

    Dec.28,2010 solstice,collage 026Dec.28,2010 solstice,collage 027Dec.28,2010 solstice,collage 025