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  • Intuitive Painting Weekend Retreat

    Posted on March 11th, 2017 Nadine No comments

    Intuitive Painting Weekend Retreat

    Magic and Miracles

    Awaken YOUR Creativity – Empower Your Life – COME PLAY!

    Sat Mar 11 & Sun March 12  10am-4pm

    $75 for 1 day  $120 for weekend Register w/ PAYPAL

    Register below:

  • Intuitive Painting Weekend Retreat : Magic and Miracles

    Posted on February 4th, 2017 Nadine No comments

    Awaken YOUR Creativity – Empower Your Life – COME PLAY!

    Sat Mar 11 & Sun March 12  10am-4pm

    $75 for 1 day  $120 for weekend Register w/ PAYPAL:

    1 day $75:  


    Weekend $120: 

    Bring Lunch, Snack and tea provided

    INTUITIVE PAINTING : Magic and Miracles

    lotusbynadineArtful Dreamers Studio provides a safe, sacred space to create freely from the heart.

    We specialize in connecting with creativity by playing with paint, an abundance of paint brushes and high quality paper without getting hung up on technique and the finished product.

    Diving into your creativity without focusing on the end result allows you to hear the voice of your heart.

    It’s a nice change to create for the pure joy of expressing yourself without feeling pressure to achieve preconceived ideas about what you think your painting should look like.

    As you drop into a meditative state while painting in silence you become immersed in an abundance of colors combined with your ever expanding creativity, magic and miracles begin to happen.

    *Magic and Miracles

    pictures August 3,2010 030Most people who have never painted before leave with feeling like their inner artist has been set free.

    Because the paintings are uniquely yours and come from your heart, they hold a special energy that brings an abundance of joy and delight.

    Often there is some kind of self revelation or piece of insight that comes through while painting that expands your well being or brings you clarity about pieces of your life.

    Your ability to overcome limiting, negative self talk is strengthened and it becomes easy to step into a place of possibility as you realize that your access to your inner wisdom has been ignited through the painting process.

    *Feel the LOVE

    Magical weekend & taylor's visit 052While painting, you will be fully supported with kindness & LOVE.

    All supplies are provided and you are free to play, make a mess and experiment with paint while tapping into your own inner wisdom.

    Care has been given to create a safe, sacred space that supports you in connecting with your creativity.

    *I Can’t Paint

    If you can hold a paint brush you can paint!

    YOU simply pick your colors, grab a paint brush and put paint on to paper.

    This process is often easier for those who are not accustomed to painting because there are no rules or techniques to unlearn.

    Once you dive into this painting process, there is a good chance you will discover that your inner painter is alive and well.

    Experienced artists can also benefit from this approach to reconnect with a lost passion for painting. These classes are appropriate for all levels of painting experience. Magic and Miracles happen.


    Practice silencing the inner critic who says, “You Can’t” (because you CAN!)
    Learn to trust and follow your inner voice and wisdom
    Push through creative blocks and expand your creativity
    Gain courage to try new things on the canvas in a fun and safe way. With practice, this new found courage spills over into every day life.
    Unleash self-expression by using paint, brushes and paper
    Allow yourself time to play, experiment, try new things, make mistakes while taking a break from your busy life.
    Gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people and expand your creative community
    Helps you push through self-imposed limitations that you might not be aware of
    A fun way to practice being in the present moment.

    The Intuitive Painting weekend with Nadine at Artful Dreamer was one of the greatest investments into my creative self yet! The experience was exciting, emotional, welcoming, exhausting, full of love, and releasing. I learned to “trust the brush” but most of all, how to listen to myself. Sandy

    Join me for Intuitive Painting Weekend Retreat : Magic and Miracles

    (no refunds or 1st class discount) 

  • Intuitive Painting Magical Weekend Retreat

    Posted on June 19th, 2016 Nadine 2 comments

    Intuitive Painting Magical Weekend Retreat

    Sat Oct 14 & Sun Oct 15 : 9:30am-4pm 

    Intuitive Process Painting is a personal exploration between YOU and the images YOU create and no previous painting experience is needed.

    *The painting is about the journey… It is a meditation, an intuitive listening, a deepening into understanding and accepting of one’s self. YOU are encouraged to listen to what’s happening inside, to let go of the inner critic and  paint what needs and wants to be expressed in a very safe, supportive environment. 


    *YOU are  taught how to listen deeply within, to courageously express what YOU find in a spirit of spontaneity – surrendering to the creative process with kindness to YOURSELF.

    *YOU will first choose colors that YOU feel drawn to paint with that day. Then it can be as simple as taking a brush and washing the canvas in any fashion with those colors. Using colors and paint in this way can help give expression to some of the emotions that may be ready to be seen, felt, heard…

    *Unexpressed emotion can sometimes cause a YOU to feel stuck, disconnected, trapped, agitated, restless… Freeing emotions can help YOU feel more alive, energetic, connected, available to life’s opportunities and YOUR own creativity and intuition.

    We all have unexpressed emotions inside of us. Intuitive Painting gives permission to express through painting without regard for the finished product.

    *Splatter painting

    *Painting with one’s hands or using a brush are all ways of releasing what is happening inside.

    *Hearts open and old stories gently fall away through the power of self-expression.

    *Pain can be transformed into art.

    Magical Weekend Workshop 036

    *YOU are encouraged, honored and supported in this process by me throughout the entire painting period.

    Intuitive Painting Magical Weekend Retreat:  $130  

    1 day $75


    *ALL Supplies included   SNACK PROVIDED *Bring YOUR lunch & water bottle

    Register w/ PAYPAL to Reserve YOUR Easel (8 painters) 

    (NO DISCOUNTS OR REFUNDS, class fee can apply to another class if cancel 1 week prior)

  • Weekend Retreat

    Posted on August 13th, 2012 Nadine No comments

    Would you like to create from a deep part of your sacred soul? Would you like to be inspired to create with spontaneity, openness, trust & kindness for yourself? Let go of the judging mind-tap into your creative source. An Intuitive Painting weekend is for anyone desiring to connect to their own creative natural juiciness.  NO PAINTING EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  Explore and Express your inner voice.  FEEL the spark, the vital self which is desiring nourishment and safety and encouragement to reveal itself.** Magical Weekend Retreat** April 21 & 22