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  • Creative Circle of Women

    Posted on July 10th, 2015 Nadine 8 comments

    Creative Circle of Women

    Calling ALL Women…Take time for FUN with your CREATIVITY and nourish YOUR SpiRit through ART with the Creative Circle of Women! 

    Can you IMAGINE a place that you can use your
    Intuition, Imagination & Creativity?
    Let’s form a CREATIVE TRIBE, would you like that?  I know I would.

    FUN times

    There is an artist in each of us. Relax and explore your inner spirit through artistic expression in a warm loving circle.

    Sharing our experiences widens and opens us up to celebrate the connection we all have to one other and to life. 

    August 25 : A Julie Arkell paper mache’ brooch or whatever you want it to be!

    led by Randi Voss.

    paper mache

    COST $10.00  (supplies included)

    **INVITE Friends** “Girls Night Out” “BYOB” if you like.

    NO Art Experience needed! 

    LAST FRIDAY of every month: 6:30-8:30pm   

    *Circles have been used throughout centuries to represent limitless possibilities.  Love with no beginning & no end. A symbol of power, strength, hope, dreams, honor, & community. Circles are alive – ever expanding & contracting, blending and balancing, inviting & loving. It is through Circles that you can give and receive, interact & witness, engage & inspire.* 

    (pictures from pinterest)

    No Refunds: CAN BE APPLIED TO ANOTHER CLASS::  First class discount does not apply  

  • “Boost Your Power”

    Posted on October 10th, 2011 Nadine No comments

    When:  Tues Dec 27   & Sun Jan 15
    Time: 1-3pm
    For Your Child:  Ages 11-16

    What’s in it for them?

    • Get good at relationships/ friendships
    • Pump up your creativity in all areas of your life
    • Feel your “chill” through simple meditation (make your best decisions)
    • Get more of what you want from difficult parents and teacher
    • Join us for Crystal Clear Communication, Artistic Creation, Free Style Painting,Vision Boards,
    • Gratitude Boxes, & FUN with other like-minded tweens & teens.  Your child will come out feeling empowered.

    Cost:  $25 a class

    To register: “Carla M Van Walsum” < ~

     Nadine Hamil – Founder of Artful Dreamers Studio, Montessori Teacher, Volunteer Creative Art Teacher , Intuitive Painting & Expressive Arts Facilitator- kids, adults &seniors, member of GNEAF(Global Network for Expressive Arts Facilitator) Reiki Master 561-901-1446

    Carla Van Walsum  –  Ph.D c LSHC,  Transpersonal-Counseling, LLC- a Holistic Practice for Psychotherapy &  Metaphysics ~  Couples, Children & Families. Systemic Family Constellations, NLP, Crystal Clear Communication Carla has worked miracles with many children, affected by bullying, divorce, adoption, abuse, ADHD and addiction.  ~ Parenting Workshops: “Happy Children, Happy Home!”  ~ Chapter Leader Holistic Moms 561-860-4883