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  • Creative Circle of Women

    Posted on July 10th, 2015 Nadine 11 comments

    Creative Circle of Women

    Calling ALL Women…Take time for FUN with your CREATIVITY and nourish YOUR SpiRit through ART with the Creative Circle of Women! 

    Can you IMAGINE a place that you can use your
    Intuition, Imagination & Creativity?
    Let’s form a CREATIVE TRIBE, would you like that?  I know I would.



    JUNK  JOURNAL :   

    Transforming, or up-cycling , an old book into an art journal that is very beautiful and fun to make!

    An ART Journal will work as well.

    Supply List:

    Old Book sewn pages are the best or any older book. Any size you want for your Junk Journal.(Goodwill is a good source) Bring 2 so you can work on the second while the first one dries or an Art Journal.

    junkjournal1 junkjournal2
    A really FUN project!
    * You can create your own visual entry & begin to  develop an art journaling practice to reduced stress and a renewed joy for life.
    * You get to  experiment with different materials, playing in a safe space  expressing through art.
    * You get to use scrapbook papers, stencils, stamps, glitter, recycled materials, paint, colored pencils,  pastels,  printed images to create beauty.

    There is an artist in each of us. Relax and explore your inner spirit through artistic expression in a warm loving circle.

    Sharing our experiences widens and opens us up to celebrate the connection we all have to one other and to life. …


    Dec 29, Jan 26, Feb 22




    **INVITE Friends** “Girls Night Out” “BYOB” if you like.

    NO Art Experience needed! 

    LAST FRIDAY of every month: 6:30-8:30pm 

    *Circles have been used throughout centuries to represent limitless possibilities.  Love with no beginning & no end. A symbol of power, strength, hope, dreams, honor, & community. Circles are alive – ever expanding & contracting, blending and balancing, inviting & loving. It is through Circles that you can give and receive, interact & witness, engage & inspire.* 

    First class discount does not apply  

  • “Boost Your Power”

    Posted on October 10th, 2011 Nadine No comments

    When:  Tues Dec 27   & Sun Jan 15
    Time: 1-3pm
    For Your Child:  Ages 11-16

    What’s in it for them?

    • Get good at relationships/ friendships
    • Pump up your creativity in all areas of your life
    • Feel your “chill” through simple meditation (make your best decisions)
    • Get more of what you want from difficult parents and teacher
    • Join us for Crystal Clear Communication, Artistic Creation, Free Style Painting,Vision Boards,
    • Gratitude Boxes, & FUN with other like-minded tweens & teens.  Your child will come out feeling empowered.

    Cost:  $25 a class

    To register: “Carla M Van Walsum” < ~

     Nadine Hamil – Founder of Artful Dreamers Studio, Montessori Teacher, Volunteer Creative Art Teacher , Intuitive Painting & Expressive Arts Facilitator- kids, adults &seniors, member of GNEAF(Global Network for Expressive Arts Facilitator) Reiki Master 561-901-1446

    Carla Van Walsum  –  Ph.D c LSHC,  Transpersonal-Counseling, LLC- a Holistic Practice for Psychotherapy &  Metaphysics ~  Couples, Children & Families. Systemic Family Constellations, NLP, Crystal Clear Communication Carla has worked miracles with many children, affected by bullying, divorce, adoption, abuse, ADHD and addiction.  ~ Parenting Workshops: “Happy Children, Happy Home!”  ~ Chapter Leader Holistic Moms 561-860-4883