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  • Lotus Flower

    Posted on August 4th, 2016 Nadine 2 comments

    Lotus Flower 


    Sun Dec 10  12:45-4pm $40








    *Do you feel stuck or blocked?
    *Do you want to find joy?
    *Do you just want to bring more creativity into your life?
    *Do you think you aren’t creative at all?

    If you said yes to any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

    Painting is not just about creating a  masterpiece. Painting is a practice that can mirror our lives and help us create the change we want to see. When you engage in a regular creative practice, intuition grows, new insights are revealed and we learn to take bolder action in our lives. Simply put, we can paint what we want to experience in our lives.


    Why Paint the Lotus Flower?
    The lotus flower only grows in the murkiest of mud and yet the blooms are incredibly beautiful and water easily rolls off each petal. We paint the lotus flower when we desire the energy of BLOOMING despite the challenges, or the mud, we may be facing. Like the lotus we can rise through and above the mud to blossom in the sunshine.

    Nadine will walk the group, step-by-step, through painting a Lotus. YOU will paint backgrounds freely, no pressure. YOU will all paint a Lotus but everyone can bring their own color choice and style to the painting.

    The Lotus is a powerful sacred symbol showing you that even out of the darkest muck, a Lotus can bloom. Through life’s challenges, we are being prepared to bloom.

    lotuspeaceCreate the JOY you want in your life by first creating it on canvas! Bring your canvas home to remind you of your JOY. NO experience needed

    $40 Reserve your spot today with PAYPAL

    First Class $32

    No experience needed :*I have no painting experience will I do OK in this workshop?
    YES! There is no experience needed. Actually this workshop is ideal for first time painters and seasoned painters!

  • LOTUS Paint on Cloth

    Posted on May 27th, 2015 Nadine No comments

    A FUN PROJECT  for you.

    Would you like to paint a floorcloth-tablecloth-wall hanging?

    lotus3 lotusfloorcloth


    Contact me and we can come up with details. Ask friends, make it a Lotus paint party or you and me.

    All supplies included $50 a 3 hours session

    It may take 2 session.

    Let’s set a date :

    Call me @253-209-4706