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  • Creative Circle of Women

    Posted on January 3rd, 2018 Nadine No comments

    Creative Circle of Women

    Calling ALL Women…Take time for FUN with your CREATIVITY and nourish YOUR SpiRit through ART with the Creative Circle of Women!

    Friday January 26, 2018 6:30-8:30pm $15

    Can you IMAGINE a place that you can use your Intuition, Imagination & Creativity?
    Let’s form a CREATIVE TRIBE, would you like that? I know I would. FUN times!


    There is an artist in each of us. Relax and explore your inner spirit through artistic expression in a warm loving circle.Sharing our experiences widens and opens us up to celebrate the connection we all have to one other and to life.

    Would you like to explore your dreams, wishes & intentions for 2018?

    Let’s create a Desire Board.
    *You will be guided to assist in getting clear on what your deepest desire is, focusing on your bigger self through a guided meditation.
    Come create visions for your life with a Desire/ Dream Board.
    *Bring a picture of yourself.  ALL SUPPLIES INCLUDED

    *Circles have been used throughout centuries to represent limitless possibilities. Love with no beginning & no end. A symbol of power, strength, hope, dreams, honor, & community. Circles are alive – ever expanding & contracting, blending and balancing, inviting & loving. It is through Circles that you can give and receive, interact & witness, engage & inspire.*


    FEBRUARY: heARTS  Created on flat canvas board (pic from pinterest) 



     Shine YOUR Light Candles

    “GRATITUDE, INTENTION, MANIFESTATION” Candles. So much are a lot of fun to create.