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  • Feed Your Soul – Find Your Wings

    Posted on October 31st, 2017 Nadine 4 comments
    LOCATION : Pilgrim Firs Camp and Conference Center (Port Orchard)
    LODGING : 2 Nights in South Lodge private ($25 extra) or double rooms. So comfy!
    MEALS : 6 meals in Dining Hall ANY & ALL dietary needs met

    Posted on March 5th, 2015 Nadine No comments

    with Nadine Hamil & Brenda Nickolaus 
    (CREATIVITY Coaches) invite you to:

    CELEBRATE the Sacred within you.

    Connect to your INNER KNOWING with a community of supportive women and learn to tap into a whole new energy that can inspire the Art that is Your LIFE.
    YOU will ask your guides what symbol serves your highest good and learn the language of Sacred Symbols.

    Set your Intention and Connect to your Intuition through a Guided Meditation.
    We will paint your sacred symbol step by step together to uncover the wisdom they have to share. 



    You also get to paint a LOTUS Flower. Join us won’t?


    WEEKEND Workshop @Jupiter, Florida location

    Sat April 18: 10am-5pm and Sun April 19: 10am-3pm

    Snacks & All supplies incl.

    No ART experience needed 



    $170 EARLY BIRD Special before APRIL 7

    $188 for the weekend

    $95 one day

    Bring an apron & your lunch


    It is about becoming an open channel for the creative consciousness that is your truth, your home, you most authentic life. (Whitney Freya)


  • PAINT YOUR SPIRIT Magical Day Retreat

    Posted on August 11th, 2011 Nadine No comments

    With Nadine Hamil

    Come  spend uninterrupted time creatively expressing yourself with freedom, painting from your heART @ an Experiential Workshop.

    PARTICIPANT Comments :

    You create a comfortable space for me to show up & I love that, I really feel like I’m coming home. The studio is very welcoming & makes my muse very happy. (Aleli)

    Deep, connecting, refreshing, feminine, fairy~enhancing, delicate, playful, luxurious, nourishing for my creative-goddess-feminine self, soooo happy to be here-so full & rich ~honoring…  The colors are so full of nutrients today , the wet paint was like birthing waters & I felt all the feelings of birthing! (Denise)

    Sunday  Jan 11, 10am-5pm


    Would you like to give yourself the gift of a Magical Weekend to create from a deep part of your sacred soul?  Would you like to be inspired to create with spontaneity, openness, trust and kindness for yourself?  Would you like to be encouraged to let go of the judging mind and tap into your creative source?


    Does the idea of using a color- filled process to help you uncover your true self – your intuition – your creative authentic self-appeal to you?  Intuitive Painting is a tool to help you do just that.  Intuitive Painting is about painting with lots of colors, brushes of all sizes and big paper.  But Intuitive Painting is not really about painting – it’s about growing your spirit – it’s about uncovering your hidden parts in your journey to reclaim your wholeness.


    An Intuitive Painting weekend is for anyone desiring to connect to their own creative natural juiciness.  Previous painting experience is not necessary to participate in Intuitive Painting.  People who have painted before and people who have never painted before can use Intuitive Painting to experience, explore and express an inner voice not often heard from – the aliveness – the spark – the vital self which is desiring nourishment and safety and encouragement to reveal itself.



    I will  assist you throughout the weekend to access your inner wisdom and gain confidence as a creative being on your journey of spontaneous self-expression.  As an enthusiastic and compassionate guide, I will provide encouragement and support for you as you uncover your creative expression.
    My background and training includes:  Master Intuitive Painter and Expressive Arts Facilitator, Montessori Teacher, Creative Art Instructor for Seniors & Children, Reiki Master and a member of The Global Network of Expressive Arts Facilitators.


    ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is an environment created to support you in your creative process using movement, meditation and self-expression. ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is  airy space with an abundance art supplies for you to work and play with. It is a place for you to uncover the hidden parts of yourself and to feel comfortable exploring and expressing your creativity.

     All Art Supplies included :: Snack incl ::Bring  lunch

    To register:

    Reserve easel ::