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  • Radical Self Acceptance : Intuitive Painting

    Posted on January 8th, 2018 Nadine No comments

    See with your heart * Paint from within * Listen to your inner voice

    Treat yourself to the experience of authentic creative play gaining insight by accessing personal wisdom through your unique artistic expression.  Give yourself the gift of a full day of authentic play, won’t you? Bring your desire, curiosity, and willingness to explore imagination and challenge your notions of art!  

    Tara Brach says “Radical Acceptance,” means recognizing what you are feeling in the present moment and regarding that experience with compassion.” Carl Rogers wrote: “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” …Radical Acceptance is the gateway to healing wounds and spiritual transformation. When we can meet our experience with Radical Acceptance, we discover the wholeness, wisdom and love that are our deepest nature.”


    This form of painting honors spontaneous acts of creative exploration, focusing on being present and in the flow of the process while not bound to the external product.

    You will paint and breathe into the depths of your creative Aliveness while being supported by me, Nadine. The environment is nurturing, playful, fun and filled with loving-kindness.

    This process requires you to be present and willing to experience whatever arrives. No art experience is necessary.

    In the Intuitive painting process, you will be drawn to certain colors, brushes, perhaps even glitter allowing whatever wants to show up on the paper to be seen.

    An intuitive painter is on a journey, trusting the process moment by moment. We paint in silence.


    Artful Dreamers Studio is a safe, sacred space for you. There are no judgments about your paintings. Tea water is always hot & chocolate is available. All supplies are provided. The studio is inviting and filled with love.

    All levels of creative experience welcome! 

    Saturday March 3 and/ or Sunday March 4 10am – 5pm

    Attend 1 day $75 or Attend the weekend $120

    All art supplies  included  Snack provided. Bring lunch and a water bottle.

    Would you enjoy tapping into your unique Imagination?

    * Spontaneous creative expression 
    * Nurturing of YOUR SOUL 
    * Painting of your inner journey 
    * Learning to silence your inner critic 
    * Let go of judgement 
    * Create in a safe sacred environment
    * A caring facilitator … ME 

    “I found I could say things with color and shape that I couldn’t say any other way. ” – Georgia O’Keeffe 

    Use deliciously colored paint, many different brushes ,white crisp paper…

    ALL Supplies included ** Register w/ PAYPAL 

    $75  one day 

     $120 weekend


    no 1st class discount (horse by Artful Dreamer I.P. painter Amanda Gamble)

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