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  • Paint YOUR Warrior Woman Self!

    Posted on March 6th, 2017 Nadine 6 comments

    Calling All Warrior Goddess Creatives 

    *** Friday April 14 ***

    Friday April 14 6:30-9pm

    Paint YOUR Warrior Woman Self, painting the fiery wild-free part of YOU!
    Would you like to access the vulnerable, creative and passionate sides too?

    In a step by step layering technique that is simple and fun YOU will begin painting your Warrior Goddess.

    “Embracing ALL of yourself, in all your glory (and imperfections), is not only the greatest gift you can give yourself, but the best gift you can give to your family and the world.” (Heather Ash Amara)

    Let’s move and meditate. How about a sound bath?

    Join me for a painting session using acrylic paints, canvas, stencils, corks and awaken your inner creative self…

    Come paint YOUR Warrior Woman Self!nativeprincess

    Play with color, use sacred symbols, write a message under your painting.  Touch in with YOUR fabulous creative self.










    **APRIL 14**

    $35 all supplies included


    20% off 1st class $28

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    Paint YOUR Warrior Woman Self!

    *Warrior Women has Fully Awoken*
    This woman has been kind, gentle,
    and has much love,

    All of this has been given with
    the blessing of the Great Spirit above,
    But Great Spirit gave her something
    else and she didn’t know it…
    The Great Spirit gave her
    the blessing of being a warrior woman
    as now her light is lit! 
    (Poem copyright © Lady J-Ann)



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    • Would you explain the 2 different class fees? I’d like to do the Warrior Woman painting, but need to know which fee I should pay for. Thanks!

    • Hi Patti, The class fee is $35, if Warrior Woman painting is your first class @ Artful Dreamers Studio you take 20% off. You would pay $28.
      I offer a 20% discount for the first class. Thank you, Nadine

    • Hi….
      I’m wanting to reserve a ticket for myself April 7th but don’t want to do it through pay pal. How can I pay with my debit card or cash in person?

    • I sent you an email Danielle. Thanks you . See you the 7th of April.

    • Melissa Conklin

      Can I sign up and buy tickets for the 14th ?.. also if there is room for 2 people on the 7th please let me know

    • Hi Melissa, April 7 is FULL. Here is the link to sign up for April 14
      If you register more than 1 person, each person has to be signed up individually, PAYPAL will not let you do more than 1 at a time.
      Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you, Nadine

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