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  • ART for Kids

    Kids Paint


     Free Style Painting for Kids

    Kids get to paint on large paper on large easels with lovely colorful paints. Oh what fun they will have! (Kids love the freedom!)

    Bring 4 or more kids and I will create a class for them.

    90 minute class $25 each child ALL Supplies provided 

    Register with PAYPAL 

    Private ONE ON ONE CREATIVE SESSIONS $40  an hours

    **Do you have 4 or more kids that would like to create @ Artful?  Call or email to schedule an ART party or gathering for your children $25 each child for 90 minutes depending on project, 6 or more kids, the Birthday child is FREE.
    Nadine  (253-209-4706) or  

    **Thank you for your wonderful Art Camp. My kids love it so much! We are definitely interested in future art camps that you will offer through PenMet.
    Every day after I pick them up, I ask them how they like the camp, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear my son say “I don’t like it, I love it!”  I was surprised because my daughter is the one who typically enjoys doing art. In fact, during art times in second grade, my son sometimes told me he doesn’t like art because he felt that he was “horrible at art”.  I have kept encouraging him, and would sign both of them up for some painting sessions in the past. We work with him as much as we can at home, to try to let him know that no one is horrible at art. Thanks to your camp, he has a renewed confidence and love for art.
    I am a firm believer in your philosophy that there should be no mistakes in art, and that it should be fun. I think it is integral to one’s overall development. Thank you M

    Nadine Hamil, Montessori teacher, creative director of Artful Dreamers Studio, Tacoma. Volunteer Creative Art Teacher, Art w/ Girl Scouts, Camp facilitator @ PenMet Park, Gig Harbor, Art facilitator for PenMet Park leadership programs for teens.
    Intuitive Painting & Expressive Arts Facilitator: (workshops for kids, adults & seniors),
    Member GNEAF (Global Network for Expressive Arts Facilitator), Reiki Master