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  • Clay Heart Class

    Posted on April 5th, 2017 Nadine 4 comments

    Clay Heart Class

    w/ Jess Smiley

    Sunday July 23  1-4pm

    ALL supplies included $25


    Explore the wonders of polymer clay (aka Fimo, Sculpey) at this Clay Heart Class with Jess Smiley.

    Jess has been in love with polymer clay for 25 years and will teach you to create 3D designs with this easy-to-use clay.
    We will create our hearts in this class!

    We will work from the inside out to create each heart, embedding into this heart everything we need for JOY and LOVE. Jess will be guiding you through this process, using music and spoken word to inspire your heart-journey.

    Join us for a magical evening and create your own Clay Heart.

    Register w/ PAYPAL @

    NO 1st class discount

    Note from Jess

    I created this visual representation of the 3 phases of this class: first we will make our inner heart (fire! Passion! Light!)…then we will create the middle layer which I’m calling the energetic layer, where that inner light comes to play…and finally, our radiant and expressive heart that is what we show the world, our blooming, our flowering. At this 3rd stage is where we will learn to create a flower design using the milifiori (“a thousand flowers”) technique. I am so excited to share this amazing medium and dive into our hearts at the same time. Keep in mind there is no level of experience or talent needed to create intricate and amazing designs with this clay. I have literally taught it to 4-5 year olds. Please come! Love Jess (teacher of this class!)



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    • Hello! I would like to sign up for myself and my son, if allowed, for the Clay Heart Class. I have a very special and earnest six-year-old boy who has been creating a lot of hearts in his artwork at school. I think this project would do him so much good– could I bring him along?

      Since I am interested in this class primarily for his benefit, if it is strictly for adults only, I won’t plan to attend alone.

      Thank you!

      Kate Stapleton

    • Hi Kate,
      Thank you for your note. Yes this is an adult class. The presentation is for adults. It is deeper than just creating hearts. So sorry. Enjoy your son and his love of hearts. Artfully, Nadine

    • I too would attend with a six yesr old. Let us know if you decid to add a child/adult combo class.

    • There is a possibility of a class for an adult and child. Please sign up for the Artful Dreamers newsletter so you will see when it will be offered.Thank you. I appreciate your inquiry. Nadine

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