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  • SKYPE Session

    Posted on June 6th, 2015 Nadine No comments

    SKYPE Session

    Hi CREATIVE Souls,
    I am excited to have offerings on SKYPE with YOU
    Ignite YOUR Sacred Sparkle!

    “Meet YOUR Artist Within”
    A Painting Session filled with FUN, PLAY & LOVE


    Paint an owl 


    or a Lotus or…

    Would YOU love to be creative in your home with me as your guide?

    Do YOU want to discover YOUR creative side and learn the basics of acrylic painting?

    The teaching style is informal, you will have fun and get messy, just like when you were a child – safe in the knowledge that you can not get this process wrong!

    YOU will learn how to easily tap into your creativity – it is in you already!

    You will master the basics of acrylic painting, including what materials/brushes/canvases to use, how to mix colors and how to bring a painting together on whatever size canvas you like.

    YOU will receive a list of simple supplies needed.

    An important thing for you to understand is you do NOT have to have ANY art experience or artistic “ability”.

    We begin with a meditation then set an intention.

    SKYPE Session

    *ONE on ONE with me or invite friends to join you in your home.*

    TIME: 60,90,120 minutes
    EXCHANGE : $35 an hour per person

    Reserve w/PAYPAL

    60 minute session:

    90 minute session

    120 minute session


    Schedule appointment or get more info or  



  • Clarity Sessions

    Posted on June 2nd, 2015 Nadine No comments

    Do you have an area in your life where you would like to feel perfect clarity so you can take new action to create what you want?

    YOU choose the three things you worry about most, identify the limiting belief, create a new belief, and, then turn them around into magical dreams of the future that YOU are about to step into…

    We will do a meditation designed just for you

    TIME : 1 -2hrs

    EXCHANGE : $45 w/Paypal 

    Reserve your time : or 561-901-1446
    On SKYPE or in person.

    “Partnering with Nadine to work with the Clarity Process was incredible. I am amazed at how beautifully it helped me break free of a very bothersome and nagging thought that I had been struggling with for years. Doing the creative exercise as she instructed and then sharing it with her was helpful far beyond what I thought possible considering how ‘simple’ the technique was. Her attentive listening and gentle feedback was so helpful in assisting me to set myself free from this troublesome thinking pattern that had been hindering me and keeping me from being fully present in my life for so many years.” D.S.

  • LOTUS Paint on Cloth

    Posted on May 27th, 2015 Nadine No comments

    A FUN PROJECT  for you.

    Would you like to paint a floorcloth-tablecloth-wall hanging?

    lotus3 lotusfloorcloth


    Contact me and we can come up with details. Ask friends, make it a Lotus paint party or you and me.

    All supplies included $50 a 3 hours session

    It may take 2 session.

    Let’s set a date :

    Call me @253-209-4706