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  • Creative Circle of Women

    Posted on June 27th, 2011 Nadine 9 comments

    with Nadine

    Calling ALL Women… Take time  for FUN with your CREATIVITY!

    Can you IMAGINE a place that you can use your Intuition, Imagination & Creativity?

    ENJOY a  community of women & have FUN…

    There is an artist in each of us. Relax and explore your inner spirit through artistic expression (no art experience necessary) in a warm loving circle of friends. Sharing our experiences widens and opens us up to celebrate the connection we all have to one other and to life.

    Friday June 7    6:30-8:30pm

    WE will:
    Use a deck of 52 cards, to collage
    Put an inspiring quote about Life or Art on the decorated side.

    Bring quotes that you like :: you can print them on regular printer paper or whatever you like
    You can write them in pen, in sharpie, however you want!

    Techniques shared to collage cards

    *Bring a deck of 52 cards & Quotes*
    (I do have some quotes to share & collage materials)

    LOVE Donation :: Invite Friends :: RSVP :


    Beginners ENCOURAGED  :: Love Offering


  • Inner Peace

    Posted on June 19th, 2011 Nadine No comments

    I love this:

    If we agree to everything that is within us, Then we find inner peace.
    If we don’t object to anything that is within us, we find inner peace.
    When we are in tune with what seems to obstruct us, then we find inner peace.
    When we agree to everything that is within our family, our parents, our siblings, our ancestors, our particular fate, then we are at peace. If nothing is opposed to anything, then we have peace of heart.
    If we have children, and we agree to them, as they are, exactly as they are, to their particular fates, their particular difficulties, their particular talents, their special love, then we have pace within the family.
    If we agree to our partner, as he or she is, without any wish for him or her to change, then we have peace and come to an inner stillness.
    And if we have to deal with other people, or groups of people who may seem to be different from us or to disagree with us, and we agree to them as they are, exactly as they are, then we have peace of mind and they, in turn, will find us irresistible.
    If we agree to be in harmony with different classes, different races, different religions, different nations, then we will know inner peace. If we accept all of them as they are, exactly as they are, then there is no prejudice anymore, no opposition anymore.
    We are at peace with them and they will be at peace with us.
    Bert Hellinger