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  • Accidents & Mistakes – Lighten up

    Posted on February 27th, 2011 Nadine 2 comments

    I found this to be interesting and it allowed me to get out of my head.
    Get ready to RELAX & Have FUN!!!

    CREATE while making a mess from the book:
    Mess * The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes* Keri Smith ( a FRIEND LENT me THIS BOOK)

    1. Drip some kind of colored liquid on a piece of paper or brown bag…whatever
    (ink, watercolor,tea,coffee, juice etc.)
    2. Move the paper until it runs in all directions.
    3. Let it dry.

    Alternate: Blow liquid with a straw and fold the page to create a symmetrical inkblot

  • PLAY!

    Posted on February 20th, 2011 Nadine 2 comments

    Will you take time today for you?  Shift out of your head to your HEART space.  It is where INTUITIVE Intelligence lives. All of the wonders you seek are within. Observe and have FUN. Take time to PLAY! Feb. 3,2011 017

  • Mermaid

    Posted on February 15th, 2011 Nadine 1 comment

    A mermaid appeared in my painting today. I feel like I was FLOATING.
    Not sure what that means. Happy day after Valentine’s Day.
    May your HeART be filled with loVe and sParkKles.
    Remember.. Fairy Dust sprinkled on shoulders helps  your day proceed with
    mermaid 2-15-11 002Grace and Ease!

  • Experience the Magic in Intuitive Painting

    Posted on February 13th, 2011 Nadine No comments

    Are you searching for a way to be more creative…To unleash your natural creative force?

    Are you interested in learning how to express yourself creatively without judging or being critical of yourself?Picture 10 09 09 183

    INTUITIVE PAINTING can help you tap into your intuition and nurture your inner self.

    Discover the playful MAGIC OF COLOR. Discover your childlike passion of being free to create even if you have never painted before. There is no emphasis on technique or the finished product. You are encouraged to respect yourself and your process through radical self acceptance and compassion.

    As you are experiencing INTUITIVE PAINTING, you will be encouraged to trust and to learn to ignore the inner critic.  You will be assisted and supported as you take this time to allow yourself the freedom to access your inner wisdom and gain confidence in expressing your authentic self.

    When participated in on a regular basis, INTUITIVE PAINTING can help with your commitment to your personal and spiritual growth.  It can be used as a tool for discovering parts of yourself using color and form for a deeper connection to your intuition. It can empower your life, as you learn to let go without criticism, fear or judgment.  INTUITIVE PAINTING is a deep, creative process that allows you to acknowledge, embrace and release hidden areas deep within you.  It works with your subconscious mind as well as the conscious mind by creating a road map to your own self realization.

    Please come embark on this journey into new uncharted waters and become truly AWAKE and ALIVE.  This time is a magical time which is calling you to step into who you ARE ….and follow your path wherever it may lead you. Sometimes hidden feeling may surface and can be released. Please come and challenge yourself to stretch and grow.

  • Valentine Week Special

    Posted on February 11th, 2011 Nadine 2 comments

    Valentine Week Intuitive Painting
    *Special Price $20.00 per class*
    Picture 10 09 09 171

    From MY Heart to Yours
    PAINT from Your Heart with LOVE

    Saturday Feb. 12  9am-12pm
    Tuesday Feb. 15  1pm – 4pm
    Saturday Feb. 19 10am-1pm

    rsvp required