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  • Saturday’s Intuitive Painting Class

    Posted on August 29th, 2010 Nadine 1 comment
    The class was wonderful. The studio was filled with creativity. I smiled as I

    watched everyone paint. My heart was full.

    Hi Nadine,
    “The event was quite cathartic for me.  I believe what happened during the Intuitive Art session was awaken a part of me to stand up for my inner child.
    After the class I was inspired to take a detour home.  I had an intuition to confront a lover whose behavior had been extremely callous towards me.  I was able to stand up for my needs and finish some ‘unfinished business.’
    I am very grateful to your for the class.”
    You may use the above words in quote on your website with my name and website (if possible 🙂

    thanks so much!  Really

  • Back home again and happy to be at the studio.

    Posted on August 25th, 2010 Nadine 1 comment

    It is great to be home and back at the Artful Dreamers Studio.  Class yesterday was great.  I had a student that found the studio when she was given my business card while she waited for her child to finish a tennis lesson at a local tennis center. The mom that gave her the card has never taken a class but picked up a card somewhere… Thank you.  Intuitive Painting is just what she was looking for to shift her energy and have fun playing.  She loved it and  it was exciting to share her enthusiasm.  Then she  was introduced to Mona Rain, who is a massage therapistpictures August 24,2010 011 at the studio and does cranioscaral work. This treatment was just what the student needed… I love it when the universe steps in and brings people to  places in their lives  where they  can benefit .( I believe it happens all the time.) The Tuesday class had 2 young women painting for the first time. It was joyful to watch them as they explored through painting.

    I feel lots of gratitude this morning after walking with my dear friend at the beach. I am looking forward to our Full Moon ceremony tonight. Life is so GREAT and I am grateful.

  • Home from a rejuvenating vacation

    Posted on August 24th, 2010 Nadine 2 comments

    It feels great to be home.  I am rested and ready to go again. There is nothing like a change of scenery and sleep to feel revived.  I had a wonderful painting class today with 2 sisters. We danced to the cha cha slide and meditated and then we painted. One sister received a message to begin painting at home again. The other sister was able to stop the brain chatter while she painted. They left the studio feeling calm. Intuitive Painting ROCKS!pictures August 3,2010 025

  • Explore the Vibrant within you!

    Posted on August 19th, 2010 Nadine 1 comment

    pictures August 3,2010 030 The great gift of creativity is that it does not let you mimic life in a satisfactory way. It forces you to really explore the truly VIBRANT within you. M. Cassou.
    Please join me for INTUITIVE PAINTING-Tues.Aug.24 – 1pm-4pm

  • Beach Walk

    Posted on August 18th, 2010 Nadine 1 comment

    It was a beautiful morning walking the beach feeling the sand tickling my toes. The rolling waves were gently breaking on shore as the small fish danced in the water.  I picked up some of the shells that I discovered and I will use them in my “Beach Art Collage” today when I create.  The pelicans happily flew overhead.   They seem to travel in threes.  As I greeted the seagulls one turned and looked at me as if he heard what I was saying.  I got a glimpse of a smile on his beak!  Connecting with nature always  fills my soul with joy.   It is glorious to experience the peacefulness of the early part of the day and it filled with me grace and ease.

    I was quite surprised that I wanted to write about my time exploring the beach.  Writing has never come easily to me.  I believe my experiences with Intuitive Painting have helped me explore different parts of myself that I have buried.  I am grateful to have uncovered the fun of writing.  Trusting my intuition is a GREAT thing!

  • Coconut Fish

    Posted on August 16th, 2010 Nadine 2 comments
    Coconut fish garden!

    Coconut fish garden!

    We had fun creating the fish out of coconuts.  I enjoy using recycled gifts from nature.  Kids are great and oh so creative. I am so lucky to be gifted with creating with them.

  • Angel Workshop with Joanne

    Posted on August 10th, 2010 Nadine 1 comment

    The workshop was so filled with love and kindness. The energy was magnificent. Joanne also used Intention Forks to balance us. The sound and vibration were divine. Please see the light in everyone you meet and remember to ask for help from your guides always.

  • Holistic Health Fair last week.

    Posted on August 4th, 2010 Nadine 1 comment

    Mona and I enjoyed  meeting new people at the Holistic Health Fair in Delray Beach. It went August 3,2010 005

  • A Creative Saturday

    Posted on August 2nd, 2010 Nadine 1 comment

    Saturday, Liane Wakabayashi  who teaches Intuitive Art The GENESIS WAY in Japan attended the Saturday class  along with Frimi and Kathy.The morning was fun and filled with color. Liane and I went to lunch and I really enjoyed being with her and discussing Intuition and Art.There are many ways to Create. I hope you all have a creative day.Please take some time for yourself today.