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     Intuitive Painting & Expressive Art Classes

    with Nadine Hamil

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    Are looking to fire up your creative juices? ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is the ideal place to enhance your creativity. You will find new inspiration, discover the depth of your creative potential, express yourself to your heart’s content, explore your spirit, and play with vibrant, exciting colors. You will be guided to discover the magic of your spontaneity and the power of your intuition.



    “Creativity is the expression of the soul”

    Come by and allow me, Nadine Hamil, to be your creative muse & guide.

    ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is an environment created to support you in your creative process using movement, meditation and self-expression.

    ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is an airy, light filled space with an abundance of art supplies for you to work and play with. It is a place for you to uncover the hidden parts of yourself and to feel comfortable exploring and expressing your creativity in a safe and nourishing environment.

    ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is a place where laughter happens.

    Artistic expression can be a powerful way of personal transformation and spiritual emotional healing. When emotions are released and feelings are expressed we uncover the parts of ourselves we left behind.

    ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO is a place where you will be empowered to express your creativity and let go of fears about making art or making a mess or playing and having fun being artistic. Anyone looking for a way to go deeper and find inner resources and untapped creativity will find a variety of classes that can support that desire.

    Creativity is an important part of each one of us. Intuitive Painting is the process of allowing the intuition to guide you on your journey of spontaneous self expression.

    As a participant you will be supported and encouraged to trust in yourself and to learn to ignore the inner critic. You will be assisted and supported as you take this time to allow yourself the freedom to access your inner wisdom, gaining confidence as a creative being.

    Intuitive painting is an opportunity to give yourself time to play… to immerse yourself in a rich, creative process that helps you to let go of life’s responsibilities. As you allow your intuition to guide you it will assist you to let go of any fears or reservations you may have about your ability to express creatively.

    Explore your inner world through trusting the flow of the brush.

    There are no rules at ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO!

    The workshops are about painting from your intuition, listening to your inner voice and seeing with the heart. We begin with movement to get your creative juices flowing. The excitement continues as you begin choosing the size paper, the many paint colors and the brushes.

    Tacoma Art Classes : The FUN Begins  @ ARTFUL DREAMERS STUDIO

    Artful Dreamers Studio –  Art Classes in Tacoma, Washington Nadine Hamil

    Welcome to Artful Dreamers Studio

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